Ocean Azores Foundation

Protecting The Whales of The Azores

A donation is made to The Ocean Azores Foundation with every bottle sold of our Ghosts of The Ocean spirits range. The foundation aims to fund a range of ocean based projects, benefiting the inhabitants and the ocean waters around the 9 Azores islands. One of the projects supported is The Whale Heritage Site for the Azores, which recognises outstanding destinations for responsible and sustainable whale and dolphin watching. This provides the travel industry with a clear marker to identify and support sustainable practice, and create a platform for communities to engage with marine culture, heritage and biodiversity.

The goals of the Ocean Azores Foundation are to:

  • Provide opportunities for ocean based research
  • Promote the development of sustainable tourism in the Azores
  • Engage tourists and the local community in the protection of the ocean
  • Support initiatives to reduce ocean plastic

Note: The projects listed above do not designate official status with the charities mentioned. These are only projects under consideration at this time in various stages of conversations and development. For all updates see the specific project page.