Common dolphins in Sao Miguel Island, Azores
© Francisco Garcia

From The Ocean. For The Ocean.

A donation is made from each bottle sold of Ghosts of The Ocean to The Ocean Azores Foundation

Blue Shark (prionace glauca) swimming on top of the seamount Condor, near Faial island, Azores
Firts whale shark in Ambrosio, Santa Maria, Azores
Mobula tarapacana in Ambrosio, Santa Maria, Azores
Blue Shark (prionace glauca) swimming on top of the seamount Condor, near Faial island, Azores

About our sustainability initiatives


Every product we sell includes a donation to The Ocean Azores Foundation. This commitment is part of our belief in a sustainable ocean for the future. The Ocean Azores Foundation will look to fund ocean-based research and conservation projects based on all islands of the Azores – More

Whale Heritage Site Azores

We helped support the funding and application of the Azores to be a Whale Heritage Site and this certification was achieved in 2023 – More


In partnership with The Ocean Azores Foundation, Ghosts of The Ocean spirits have helped to fund a guide to ethical whale watching and the companies to go with in the Azores – Download here

Made locally in the Azores

Ghosts of The Ocean Gin is made in the Azores, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the creatures of the deep that we aim to protect


We have changed our glass bottle and design to be even more sustainable. By using recycled glass (which is different to normal glass produced from scratch) we have created an even better product. We also encourage individual customers and bars to recycle the bottles once finished or return them to us for reuse, helping to reduce our carbon footprint even further

Created with sustainable botanicals

 We source the majority of our botanicals from the Azores and Portugal keeping our production footprint as low as possible.

No unnecessary packaging

Our gins and spirit brands do not use any unnecessary plastic and we do not use any boxes or packaging with each bottle sold. This helps reduce unnecessary materials in the production and distribution process

Sustainable Gin Distillery

More on this coming soon

Leftover pineapples in production

More coming soon

Matching donations

We encourage our partners in bars and retail to match our donation to The Ocean Azores Foundation. We also work with our local partners on training to showcase the work of our products in the field of ocean conservation


Protecting the ocean that surrounds the Azores